Tony Myers story on CBN 700 Club

"Healing the Incurable"

The story of an atheist who was miraculously healed.

...For two years, Tony kept getting worse.

“I'd get weak. Just all the sudden, get weak. My legs, my arms, just out of the blue.”

Still, he refused to see a doctor.  It wasn’t until a near-fatal accident with a co-worker in March, 2009, that Tony decided he needed help. 

But on July 4th, 2012, Tony was thinking about something very different.  It was an article about Jesus’ crucifixion. “I saw Jesus at the whipping post, being scourged, and just seeing chunks of flesh being ripped off. And in His eyes, there was a deep – a-a truly deep love that was unending. Jesus – suffered far worse than I did, and how much He had to have loved me then.

Divine Healing Conference Aug 16, 2019

Divine Healing Conference Aug 17, 2019

Divine Healing Conference Aug 17, 2019 PM SERVICE

Divine Healing Conference Aug 18, 2019 Sunday AM

Spiritual Millionaire Workshop May 5, 2019 Wisconsin Part 3

Tony teaching in PA September 28 PM service.

Tony Teaching in PA September 30, 2018 AM Service

Spiritual Millionaire Workshop May 5, 2019 Wisconsin Part 2
Spiritual Millionaire Workshop May 5, 2019 Wisconsin Part 1

Tony teaching in PA September 29 PM Service

Tony Teaching in PA September 30, 2018 PM Service

Tony Myers joining Henry Shaffer Jr. on WUCC Radio. Listen to the Facebook LIVE here

Your Morning Manna-034 05-22-2017; Special Guest Tony Myers

Tony was a guest speaker on Morning Manna Radio show on June 18th from 8am-10am. You can listen below.

Giving my testimony, at University Parkway Church of God. This is Pastor Henry Shaffer's Church, God Bless him and all my new friends!

 After being completely paralyzed, and then miraculously being healed; on July 4th 2012.  This is my first venture out in public, my church's worship service, roughly an hour after my healing happened.  It was a huge testimony, to those who had only known a paralyzed and dying man!!
The significance of this video is that I had been unable to eat at all.  I had been unable to swallow and my stomach had been paralyzed.  This video was recorded at the Cracker Barrel, only an hour and a half after my healing.  It was the first bite of solid food ingested, in 4 months!  This first bite proves it was Jesus!!  My body should have gone into shock, and I should've been dead!  But Jesus!
July 4th is my brother's birthday and the day I was healed.  So about 15 minutes after my miraculous healing, I decided on an amazing surprise testimony for him!  He was the first person that knew I had been healed!

Interview on Dominion Fire 360 with Millian Quinterros.  Author Tony Myers discusses his new book, "The Lord Jesus Healed Me" which chronicles his journey from atheism, alcoholism and drug addiction, to being fully healed and following a life of Jesus.  In our darkest seasons of life, we often feel there is nowhere to turn. Tony Myers not only understands what this is like, but he is here to share his story and words of hope.


Heal the Sick Podcast Interview
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