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The Lord Jesus Healed Me


Unlocking the Mystery of Divine Healing 


 Divine Healing DIY  Yes You Can!


Knocking Food Off It's Pedestal


Pushing the Boundaries In Christ: Living Supernaturally




From where does human knowledge originate? What are the keys to living a supernatural life?
Pushing the Boundaries in Christ really starts with pushing the boundaries of what we think is possible. As children of a supernatural Heavenly Father, the seeming impossible is possible: physical healing, financial miracles, and operating in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
Included in this book is a workbook, to push the boundaries of your mind and renew your thoughts to what is available to a believer of Christ, who is living in God’s Kingdom on this physical earth.
This book will:
• Explain the relationship between the fallen angels and human knowledge
• Increase your understanding of how the Kingdom of God functions on the earthly plane
• Increase your intimacy with Holy Spirit
• Lead you into a more supernatural lifestyle

The Lord Jesus Healed Me

What if a paralyzed and dying man, suddenly stood up and walked?

Would it encourage and inspire you to believe for your own miracle?

Are you on the brink of giving up, due to physical suffering?

Unlocking the Mystery of Divine Healing

Have you been seeking physical healing, yet results seem elusive?

Do you hear about healing, but have not seen your miracle manifest?

Are you frustrated, and at the point of giving up?

Does the saying “you don't have the faith”, infuriate you?

Divine Healing  DIY: Yes, You Can! 

Divine healing from the comfort of your home? Is that truly possible?First, let's get something straight. On the cross of Calvary, Jesus took care of every single thing that's wrong with this world. This includes sin, sickness, and death.  The problem is getting what's already available to work for you.

Knocking Food Off It's Pedestal

Does food control your health and make daily diet decisions full of fear or worry?We all struggle with food in one way or another. Either our cultural concepts of food influence our eating habits or ideas about the right and wrong ways to eat fill our day.



from readers of Tony Myers books

Knocking Food Off Its Pedestal

 “Conquer your food addiction! I have honestly got to say that this is Tony’s best book yet! As I read it, I developed a deeper understanding of spiritual concepts related to food that I’d never really contemplated. Through this, I was able to peel the layers back to reveal the source of my life-long struggle with food and begin a healing process that I hadn’t expected. It is a spiritual solution to a physical problem. If you or a loved one struggle with food addiction or you simply want to have a deeper understanding of the Holy Spirit at work in your physical body, then this book is most definitely a must read!”

~ Teresita Duqueon December 12, 2018


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Outside the 4 Walls does not carry a 501 c3 tax status and is therefore exempt from being claimed on federal taxes.  - Thank you for your generosity and for being a part of this ministry. 

Private Facebook Group

Tony Myers Unlocking Divine Healing, on Monday Evenings at 7 PM est. every week.  I’m going to be teaching from my book Unlocking the Mystery of Divine Healing. If you’re interested in this make sure you join the group and watch the livestream on that day. Also, in the group I have a thread to ask questions that you would like answered based on the chapter we’re covering on that particular Monday. A free .pdf copy is provided within the group.




Outside the 4 Walls does not carry a 501 c3 tax status and is therefore exempt from being claimed on federal taxes.  - Thank you for your generosity and for being a part of this ministry. 

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