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Tony Myers


The Lord Jesus Healed Me


Unlocking the Mystery of Divine Healing 


 Divine Healing DIY  Yes You Can!


Knocking Food Off It's Pedestal


Pushing the Boundaries In Christ: Living Supernaturally

Newest Book by Tony



From where does human knowledge originate? What are the keys to living a supernatural life?
Pushing the Boundaries in Christ really starts with pushing the boundaries of what we think is possible. As children of a supernatural Heavenly Father, the seeming impossible is possible: physical healing, financial miracles, and operating in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
Included in this book is a workbook, to push the boundaries of your mind and renew your thoughts to what is available to a believer of Christ, who is living in God’s Kingdom on this physical earth.
This book will:
• Explain the relationship between the fallen angels and human knowledge
• Increase your understanding of how the Kingdom of God functions on the earthly plane
• Increase your intimacy with Holy Spirit
• Lead you into a more supernatural lifestyle


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Events with Tony

Tony joined Mark Howard's Broadcast on Wednesday May 20th. You can listen to it HERE

Past show with Tony: 
April 1st Show 
April 22nd Show
New Live Episodes!!
On Tuesday evenings at 6 pm, I’ll be doing a Livestream with a local brother (CJ Hudson) called Two Guys Plus Jesus. We are taking the limits off and plan to discuss a variety of topics. It is sure to be a fun-filled time.  It will be posted through my personal Facebook page so everyone will have access to watch.


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